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Tips for a Long Distance Ride on Royal Enfield

Riding a motorcycle over long distances can be dangerous whether you are driving a solo or in a group. So here we’ve tried to put three extremely helpful tips for making your first Royal Enfield trip safe and successful.


Stay Slow & Steady

Riding over long distances is a marathon not a race.  First time riders always begin their journey as of its a sprint and so they end-up with exhausted and unsafe trip. Maintaining a steady speed of your Royal Enfield Motorcycle throughout the ride makes a much more enjoyable, safe, and easy trip.

Make New Friends & Trust People

Biking is fun and biking with good people is more fun. When you’re new to any Royal Enfield riding group, you should put trust on your group members. Specially, long distances trips involves hotel stays, outings and sometimes emergencies as well! So group members are your friends and you must trust them.

Stay in Formation

Staying in formation is not just for looking cool but it gives a lot of safety and steadiness, so stay in a single or double file formation with a safe gap from the rider in front, and most importantly follow the orders of leader or Royal Enfield rider next to you.

That’s it! By keeping above things in mind you’re all ready to hit the road with your Royal Enfield!

Here’s to start your journey and feel the Thump:

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