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Some Do’s and Don’ts About Royal Enfield You Should Know



  • Keep around 6 liters of fuel all the time in your tank as there is no reserve tank and the fuel indicator is somewhat unpredictable. So make sure you have sufficient fuel before going for a long ride.
  • Avoid dirty petrol, Always go for a premium range of fuel to allow the sensors accurately mix air and fuel in the ratio of 14:1.
  • Get the battery checked at each service, replace if needed. Usually a zero-maintenance battery lasts for about 3-4 years. The normal carburettor models will run without the battery, EFI won’t.



  • Never run the bike on low fuel. It can damage the fuel pump. A new pump will cost you around ₹10k-12k.
  • Don’t try to start the bike without engine check. Switch on the ignition. It will perform engine check. Then only start the bike.
  • If you are going to get your Royal Enfield ‘tuned’ for performance, remember that there is a good chance something would go wrong and it’s repair will impact heavy on your bank balance.


Here’s to start your journey and feel the Thump: Royal Enfield Ahmedabad

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