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Adalaj Step-well Ride – A Short Expedition Trip on 12th June

royal enfield adalaj ride group


On 12th June early Sunday morning when everyone relaxing from weekdays boredom, we’ve been up to something adventurous.

And so a group of about 30 members of Royal Enfield Karnavati Bikes had hit the road to Adalaj Step-well, a historic ‘water building’ in the village of Adalaj, close to Ahmedabad. The ride had started at 8:00 am from Royal Enfield Showroom in Ahmedabad and we reached the destination within 30 min.

Adalaj Step-well ride was a short expedition trip to visit one of the historic wonder near to town. Thereafter we decided to visit Karai dam which is very quiet and peaceful place to rejuvenate oneself. Seeing so much of water releasing from the gates would also make you feel adventurous.

History of Adalaj Step-well, Peacefulness at Karai dam, Fun-filled games, Snacks and – ‘RE Brotherhood’ was all we had during the fun ride.

Here are few of the spectacular photographs captured during the drive at: Ride’s Gallery

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