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Upgraded Royal Enfield Engines Promises Better Fuel Efficiency

Royal Enfield Karnavati Ahmedabad
Keeping up with the promise of better and improved bikes, Royal Enfield has started working on new and more powerful engines.

The news from the auto industry reveals that by the year 2020 that is four years from now, the country would be moving on from the BCIV emission norms to the BCVI norms, giving lesser time to the vehicle manufacturers to upgrade their vehicles.

Royal Enfield has already started a program specifically to meet these new stringent emissions norms and the program is named as the Engine Development Program. The program ensues the upgrading of the engines of all the existing models and even the upcoming ones. The starting of the program by Royal Enfield is an indication that the company is not only ready to meet the new norms but it also wants to offer more to its customers. With new and upgraded engines, the bikes from the renowned brand will be more efficient and reliable. They would deliver more torque/power and be better fuel efficient. The company seeks to remove the problems existing in the current models that of oil leak and vibrations.

Nevertheless, the start of the program is in itself a great gesture as seen by the auto experts.

Currently there are four different engine options from Royal Enfield – these are:

The company proposes to upgrade all these engines under their new program. A new bike yet in the test stages is being developed by the company in Europe. The bike is rumored to have 700 -750 cc engine and will be modified for the BCVI transmission norms for India.

As a buyer would you be interested in test driving the existing models with the current engines, just visit our Royal Enfield Showroom in Ahmedabad or would you want to wait for a few months perhaps when the new and upgraded engines will be launched? Do let us know.

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