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Royal Enfield Classic 350: Why you should own it

Review of Royal Enfield Classic 350 2016Are you a style connoisseur that loves the puttering of the motorcycle which can be heard even from a distance? If yes, then you will love the Royal Enfield Classic 350 just as lakhs of proud owners of the bike do.

Since its launch in 2009, the motorcycle has sold several lakhs of units and the sales are growing at a steady rate of 50 percent over the years. This denotes that there is something special about this bike and here we are to tell you what makes the Royal Enfield Classic 350 so special.

Here are some exclusive features of the motorcycle:

Design and styling: For those that love the Classic, it is mainly because its design bears familiarity with the British era Royal Enfield Bullet. Despite the several similarities in design, the Classic has a hint of ‘premium’ quotient to it which makes it better looking and comfortable.

Engine: The new Unit Construction Engine (UCE) is also one of the features that make the Classic a premium bike. The new engine has increased the efficiency and reliability of the motorcycle to great extents. It has an integrated five-speed gearbox with a left side gear shifter.

Performance: The single cylinder 350cc engine offers great character and performance to the motorcycle. It is not meant for speeding but for cruising at a steady speed and that is what it does best. The power performance is best at 2500 and 3500 rpm. Riding quality of the motorcycle is very good and it is stable even on the rocky or gravel terrains.

Price: The price of the Classic 350 is around 1.25lakh which is reasonable considering the iconic brand. The average fuel consumption is around 40 and 42kmpl which makes it great for a motorcycle that has the old age charm and retro feel.

If you are looking for a stable, machoistic and strong motorcycle, choose the Classic 350. Visit at our Royal Enfield showroom in Ahmedabad (Karnavati Bikes) to get more details and a test ride.

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